Bad boys in 1980. Extra glammed up. Jay Jay in shades.

Jay Jay French started Twisted Sister, the internationally-renowned heavy metal band, nearly 50 years ago and has amassed 37 gold and platinum albums as a musician, manager, producer and executive producer while having performed over 9,000 shows in 40 countries selling 20 million records around the world.

Jay Jay is a rock star, but he also shines as a business leader who developed Twisted Sister into a global brand with multiple revenue streams and built it into one of the most licensed heavy metal bands in history. Host of the popular podcast, The Jay Jay French Connection: Beyond the Music, Jay Jay is also a columnist as well as a Keynote Motivational Speaker delivering presentations to global Fortune 500 companies as well as to nonprofits.

With his new “bizoir,” Twisted Business: Lessons from My Life in Rock ‘N’ Roll, Jay Jay’s insights and tried-and-true-tips about resiliency, reinvention, turning roadblocks into pathways, authentic leadership and innovation are now available to everyone.

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